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Ron Melton | Biographie, Informationen, Musik

Up-to-date information, biography, music, music tracks, pictures, Live DJ Sets & DJ Mixes from and about the cybermusique artist DJ Skywork’r /Ron Melton.

DJ Ron Melton
DJ Ron Melton

biography of DJ Skywork’r / Ron Melton

born: 03.08.1978

hometown : Potsdam

At the age of 14 my passion for music and first experiments started my first Turntables and records I bought in 1999, especially Trance 2006 for the first time officially behind the Deks then start at Cybermusique April 2008 biggest gig in Volgograd at the Club Pirana (Piranha)

Ron Melton tries to produce something for and with the heart with very melodic sounds. His tracks reflect his current emotional state. He keeps running the basic melody and looks at the emotions that touch him. With a portion of creativity you can create so many dreamy house tracks.

Style: Electro, E-House , Progressive House, House, Trance , Minimalistisch


Club Laguna
Club Pirana
Radio Borgradio