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Dyhsen Cybermusique

Up-to-date information, biography, music, music tracks, pictures, Live DJ Sets & DJ Mixes from and about the cybermusique artist DJ Dyhsen.

Biography of Dyhsen

The influences of Giorgio Moroder, Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, aroused his interest in Electronic Synthesizer. Also influenced by Acid, Chicago up to the late nineties techno. Through legendary clubs, such as the casino, matrix, safe, Ostgut he discovered his love to hang up. Since buying his first turntables in 2000, more and more new records have been added. At the beginning of his record collection, the vinyls came mostly from the field of electro and house. He developed his own direction over the years and would call them electronic freestyle today …

Style: Techno / House

DJ since: 1999

Producing since: 2009

Dyhsen Music Tracks & DJ Mixes / DJ Sets



Ruderclub (Berlin), Raumlang (Berlin), Cassiopeia (Berlin), Fate Club (Berlin), Lauschgift (Berlin),VI-Lounge (Berlin),Karibik Bar (Berlin),Space-Net (Berlin), Stilbruch (Potsdam), Cybermusique Open Air @ Lindenhof (Potsdam), Nachtleben (Potsdam), Club Laguna (Potsdam), Dragons In(Potsdam)

Internet Links:

dyhsen@myspace.com and Facebook