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Dört & Häzler
Dört & Häzler

Biography of DJs Dört & Häzler

Label: Ostklang / Spreekader / Multiflora

Micha M. and Hardy S. – also known as Dört & Häzler met each other in the early years of their lives and to this day developed the perfect symbiosis for their interplay on the decks or the production of electronic sounds. Micha M. was at the age of 12 years busy with music for the first time. Through several years of participation in a music school, he learned to handle notes, harmony and keyboard instruments. Because of this, he developed a fine sense for melodic sequences and the composing of own pieces.

Due to the influence of his brothers, he was early associated with 4/4 bars in the genre of techno. The first home tracks were produced from 1999 and have since steadily developed. Harmony, melody and sympathy make Micha. Hardy S. was confronted with many different types of music early on. His father clearly influenced him through his outstanding musical taste and contributed a great deal to the approach of his productions. Rhythmic understanding, slanted sounds and his own way of music interpretation make Hardy. Due to the intertwining of the two circles of friends Micha and Hardy met in the Nuller years. Quickly similarities and the love of music were apparent in both and it developed a long-standing friendship.

Since the DUO has been working together for many years, over time a perfect symbiosis of harmony and rhythm developed. This is reflected in your sets and production, because there, too, the similarities directly interlock and merge into one.

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