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Cybermusique, The Sound of Cybermusique, Open Air, La Tique

The Sound of Cybermusique – Open Air

The Sound of Cybermusique - Open Air for the "Potsdamer Erlebnisnacht" 2008. For the first time Cybermusique was represented with two stages at the Potsdam Adventure Night. An OpenAir was held in the courtyard of the Lindenhof together with the DragonsIn. The Cybermusique DJs Steds & Hzwo, MacMeffi, P_Call, Aven and La Tique as well as B-Warrenty from Plattenbaumusic and Dyhsen from sunrisebeats.

Cybermusique 3.0, cybermusique, Stilbruch, Potsdam, La Tique

Cybermusique 3.0 Party im Stilbruch Potsdam | Pictures

Here are some pictures from the last party "Cybermusique Level 3.0" (2008) @ Stilbruch Potsdam with the DJs La Tique, Steds & Hzwo, DJ Skywork’r, P_Call, Obsipo and Mac Meffi. More can be found on our Instagram account. Have fun.