Tech-House DJ Set / DJ Mix Treibsand by La Tique

La Tique - Treibsand (DJ Mix)
DJ Mix, La Tique, Tech-House
Treibsand Cover (Frontside)
DJ Mix, La Tique, Tech-House
Treibsand Cover (Backside)

New Tech-House DJ Set by La Tique

This is the Tech-House DJ Mix / DJ Set “Treibsand” by La Tique. He playing tracks by Romboy vs Stephan Bodzin, Rekorder, Oxia, Jürgens, Elektrochemie and more.

Playlist DJ Set / DJ Mix “Treibsand” by La Tique

  1. Romboy vs Stephan Bodzin – “Hyperion”
  2. Rekorder – Rekorder 5.1
  3. Oxia – Domino
  4. Jürgens – Love it (klaus schneider remix)
  5. Rekorder – Rekorder 6.1
  6. Elektrochemie – Dont go
  7. Kenny Leaven – Felling Spicy
  8. Peshuma – Montauk Nights (marcus hartmann remix)
  9. Turntablehoshies – String reverse
  10. Stephan Bodzin – “Kerosene”
  11. Einmusik – Pate mo tue vae
  12. Booka Shade – In White Rooms (Elektrochemie remix)
  13. Petter – Some Polyphony

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