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DJ Peed Neslø / Øliver Knigge

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DJ Peed Neslø / Øliver Knigge
DJ Peed Neslø / Øliver Knigge

Already in childhood (about 7 years) I was confronted with the rave tapes of my father. Since then, I could not escape the electronic sounds of techno music anymore. Over time these things became too fast for me and I was more oriented towards the current techno hits. Starting with the titles that made it into the charts, I developed more and more in the underground scene of techno music, which was previously considered as minimal yet known as so minimal. Inspired by it went a few years, until I worked for the first time with the “Dance Machine” and thus created the first tracks. Over time, my taste in music evolved more and more away from the fast techno beats to slower electronic music, especially in the Tribal & amp; Minimal techno. At the age of 16, I tried to play the first time on the PC, with the programs still known today (for example Traktor DJ Studio). But the time came quickly and I said to myself: “You need plates!” And as luck would have it, I joined it about 1.5 years later. After several club and party visits, I knew that minimalist music had become my favorite. But the electric area should still remain a must. From the PC work at the time, I realized that it was not as difficult as I thought to get one vinyl at the BPM number of the other. Thus, I stand almost every day for almost 4 years behind the Turnies and do my best, concentrated on minimal but often still electric and sometimes a little harder. How do you say so beautifully: “Practice makes perfect!” In this sense!

Style: Minimal, Techno, Electro, Techhouse

DJ since: 2003



Cocolorus CB Berlin
Heinz Garden
Mama Berlin
Calabash Club Berlin
LoLa Hamburg
Club Gambrinus, Bad Hombug / FFM
Anglerheim Glindow
Jugendclub 18 Potsdam – Am Stern
Club "Die Zelle" Berlin


Clubhouse Seddin
Electric Island 3 @ Bikers Island, Groß Behnitz
WAX Club/Spy Bar Dublin, Ireland
Elektro Gehre Potsdam Babelsberg
Cammerflimmern @ Cammer
Heck Jugendclub Potsdam
Karneval der Kulturen @ [MULTI:MAT]-Wagen Nr.100
Faces Closing Party (now VCF)
Centrum Berlin
Stilbruch Potsdam
(Grünes Labor Potsdam)
(Minimal Labor Potsdam)


Rotor Club Berlin
Havanna Club Potsdam


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