Welcome to the page of the Cybermusique Netlabel

Hello friends of electronic music!

Welcome to the page of the Cybermusique Netlabel.

We are an association of Deejays from Potsdam and Berlin. Our musical field of battle ranges from House, Techno to Electro, Techhouse, Electrohouse and more. We exist since 1997 and have some exciting times behind us. Between 2007 and 2009 we organized several events in Potsdam. Our Deejays have mainly launched in Berlin and Potsdam clubs. But it is also produced by itself.

What do you find on this page? Especially current news, new releases, informations, live DJ sets & DJ mixes, new music tracks but also photos and pictures of the parties and the deejays.

We're also on the move in a variety of media, whether Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Facebook or Instagram. Visit us there too. And it's always true - we appreciate comments, likes or whatever. We listen to.

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